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The Paradeep Municipality is accepting applications from motivated people for a variety of positions on our platoon. Our municipality is an integral element of the booming Paradeep region and is a crucial factor in encouraging community growth and development. In addition to upholding the loftiest standards of governance, we’re devoted to offering our occupants high-quality services.

Available Vacancies

  • Expert in zoning, development rules, and civic planning as an assistant town planner. Inspector of Sanitation Charged with maintaining standards for public health and keeping an eye on sanitation procedures.
  • Junior Civil Engineer Skilled in infrastructure development and civil engineering projects. Property taxation, land assessment, and profit collection are all areas of expertise for a profit inspector.
  • Assistant Accountant with Expertise in accounting and municipal finance. Applications from good individuals will be considered, and interested candidates will be prompted to submit them.

Public Welfare Enterprise

The Chairman(SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR) is a fervent supporter of Paradeep’s citizens. Numerous programmes have been started by his administration to enhance the quality of life for residents of the municipality. These correspond to healthcare camps, training initiatives, and educational grants for children from low-income families. similar efforts demonstrate his steadfast dedication to social addition and indifferent development.

Paradeep Municipality Executive Officer Vacancy

The Executive Officer job is vacant, as announced by the Paradeep Municipality, in order to fulfil its aim of a contemporary and effective municipality. The Executive Officer plays a crucial leadership role in directing the management and performance of numerous municipal tasks. The chance to help Paradeep become a model municipality is presented by this post for a motivated and active person.

Paradeep Municipality Executive Officer:

Strategic Leadership: To help Paradeep Municipality become a cutting-edge, effective E-Municipality, the Executive Officer will exercise visionary leadership. They will be in charge of creating and putting into action plans for the effective implementation of E-Municipality activities.

Implementation of e-government: The Executive Officer will oversee the implementation of technology-driven solutions to reorganise municipal procedures, such as online citizen services, real estate tax collection, construction permits, and digital record-keeping.

Financial Management: It is crucial to practise effective financial management. In order to ensure responsible fiscal practises and accountability, the Executive Officer will manage budget preparation and implementation.

Infrastructure Development: The building of e-governance centres and IT infrastructure are only two examples of how the candidate will be instrumental in the development of contemporary infrastructure to support E-Municipality efforts.

Engagement of Stakeholders: It is essential to establish solid relationships with local residents, companies, and other stakeholders. In order to comprehend the needs and problems of the community, the executive officer will actively engage with it.

Openness and Accountability: A key component of this function will be ensuring openness in all municipal activities and encouraging an accountability culture.

Paradeep Municipality Chairman

In directing the growth and development of the area, the chairman of the Paradeep Municipality has played a pivotal part. This prestigious post has been held over the years by some devoted leaders who have worked relentlessly to meet the changing demands of Pradeep’s citizens.

(Name), who held the position in 200X, was one significant Chairman. Significant improvements in the nation’s infrastructure, sewage system, and public installations took place while Paradeep was in office. The municipality’s nonstop expansion was made possible by his innovative leadership and dedication to openness. We’re still appreciative of the contributions made by each previous Chairperson as Paradeep Municipality goes forward, and we’re hopeful that we will soon reach more significant milestones in our commitment to the community.

Paradeep Municipality Ward List

Paradeep Municipality comprises multiple wards, each with its unique characteristics and needs. The incoming Executive Officer will need to work closely with elected representatives and community leaders from these wards to address specific local challenges and opportunities. A comprehensive ward list will serve as the foundation for targeted and effective municipal governance. It will facilitate the equitable distribution of resources and services, ensuring that no part of Paradeep is left behind in its development journey.

E-Municipality Implementation: A Paradigm Shift

Efficiency: E-Municipality will simplify procedures, cutting down on paper effort and red tape. Today, services may be completed in a matter of hours instead of taking days or weeks to complete.

Transparency: As more information is available to the public and they can follow applications and projects’ development in real-time, transparency will improve. As a result, there are fewer chances for corruption and transparent government operations are maintained.

Accessibility: Through online portals and mobile applications, citizens will have simple access to services. This will help people who are tech-savvy as well as those who live in rural places and might not have easy access to government offices.

Revenue Generation: Through effective property tax collection and other revenue-generating strategies, E-Municipality will increase revenue collection. This extra money can be used to further Paradeep’s growth.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The digitization of records and data analytics will allow for data-driven decision-making, allowing the municipality to more efficiently allocate resources and prepare for future development.

Paradeep Municipality Tender

The Paradeep Municipality is presently looking for professed contractors to work on forthcoming projects that will ameliorate the facilities and services available to our neighbourhood. To guarantee that these projects are completed, we ask good contractors to take part in our extending process.

Current Tenders

Crucial routes in Paradeep are being repaired and expanded via road construction.

enforcing an effective garbage collection and disposal system is known as solid waste management. Park development The construction of recreational areas for the enjoyment and welfare of the community. The Paradeep Municipality office can supply you with the full tender paperwork.

5th Budget Meeting at Paradeep Municipality

A pivotal turning point in Chairman( SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR)’s career was the recently convened 5th Budget Meeting of the Paradeep Municipality. The gathering gave participants the chance to consider the municipality’s accomplishments and difficulties, as well as set goals for the future. The meeting’s main features included

  • Financial Prudence – The budget meeting placed a strong emphasis on the value of financial calibre. To maximise income creation, cut back on extravagant spending, and direct resources towards important development initiatives, the Chairman( SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR) proposed strategies.
  • Expansion of Infrastructure – A sizeable chunk of the budget was set away for fresh infrastructure development. Chairman( SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR) stressed the need to modernize transit systems and make sure that Paradeep continues to be a desirable location for businesses and investors.
  • Sustainable development – The Chairman reaffirmed the municipality’s dedication to this goal. The unborn development of Paradeep would depend on initiatives like those involving renewable energy, water conservation, and eco-friendly civic planning, it was noted.
  • Social Welfare Programmes – The municipality’s commitment to social welfare programmes was reiterated during the budget meeting. The chairman,( Chairman’s Name), blazoned the extension of current programmes and the launch of fresh initiatives targeted at helping socially underprivileged groups.
  • Citizen Engagement – The chairman,( SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR), supported engaged citizen engagement in the political process. To make sure that the policies and programmes of the municipality are in line with their needs and goals, he emphasised the value of input from and participation with the community.


The leadership of Chairman( SHRI, PARESH CHANDRA SARKAR) throughout his time as the mayor of Paradeep Municipality has been characterised by bold decisions, innovative programmes, and a patient dedication to the well-being of the community’s citizens. His commitment and strategic foresight in guiding Paradeep towards a further promising future were demonstrated at the 5th Budget Meeting.